14 Nis 2008

Brides on tour

Preface by Silvia Moro and Pippa Bacca tha two bride-artists :A journey is both a route to be followed and an objective to be met.For one it may be a lifestyle ,for another the only way to survive..life's metaphor itself.The bride represents white,light,woman..the very generator of new life as an equivalent to peace ,love and purity.The dress the only one they will bring with them,will lose its gloss but,in its place,become enriched with the support encountered eyewitness accounts experienced in all of the placed visited.The embroidery will be a statement for married women all across tha Mediterranean and,as such,the narrative of this journey.The days before the wedding are traditionally the period set aside for its preperation.During this time,the women meet to share stories of their lives,together describing the transition that takes place during a marriage union,a sharing..a true mystery of life.